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2017 Paint Color Trends for Your New Vero Beach Home

January 15, 2017

Design trends keep your home looking updated and feeling like new. The 2017 paint color trends combine many styles to meet the changing tastes of home owners while matching their lifestyles.

New homes in Vero Beach FL provide plenty of opportunities for individuals and families to use these paint color trends to create a unique and personalized home.

Using Color in Your New Home

Gray colors are more popular than ever due to their versatility, and they can be combined with a wide range of colors. In 2017, gray hues will appear in warmer tones, and the use of gray will serve as a background to help highlight other colors.

Red evokes a number of feelings and emotions. Home owners and designers are using red in 2017 to help express a bolder and more confident style that suits many new home designs.

Yellows and blues give your home natural earth tones while creating a sense of space and light. These colors uplift your mood and brighten up any space in your home. They’re used in various combinations to create effects that range from comfortable to confident.

Creating Comfort with Color in 2017

You can create a color scheme that evokes feelings of comfort by using light blues, yellows, and pinks.

Pastels are ideal for this design style, and they make it easy to open up small spaces inside your home. These colors add a touch of sophistication to your home while working well alongside natural tones. Soft beige, light yellow, and fresh blue colors create a balanced palette that matches your home’s design and features. Mineral gray, light mint, and rose are also popular colors to use in your home’s design.

Going Bold with Color

For home owners looking to create bolder color designs, 2017 offers brighter lime green and spicy red colors that you can use to make a statement with any room in the house.

Shades of blue mixed with green or grey, orange and a sunshine shade of yellow will make their way into new homes in 2017. Designers recommend using taupe and earthy green tones to soften bold colors when necessary. These also give your home a more modern style that’s preferred by many home owners.

You can use these colors to highlight features of your home including furniture pieces and architectural designs. Colors such as teal, blue-green, and mid-tone grays work well to create this effect. Home owners are also using colors like a robust teal and taupe-inspired beige to balance bright bold colors with more composed tones.

These paint color trends will give new homes in vero Beach FL a look and feel that appeals to new home owners. Through the deliberate use of color, you can implement these ideas to make your home truly your own.

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